Pain Olympics

Crazy fellas competing on for the highest levels of pain in various insane events.... DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!


Category: Extreme
Date: 2008-05-01
Views: 566190

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Gymnast Wipeout

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Description:  Simple routine leads to a hard slam onto the floor.
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Funny Videos - Diver Face Slams on Diving Board
Diver Face Slams on Diving Board

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Description:  I think she was too close to the diving board.
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Ultimate Swing

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Description:  This guy was doing so well till he fly away!
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Breakdancers on the Subway

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Description:  Look at these guys perform on an NYC Subway. I don't know if I would be happy to have this on a my commute home after a long day of work. But cool and amazing nonetheless.
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Daredevil Bull Performance

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Description:  Absolutely no room for mistakes, wonder how many broken bones they must have sustained to reach this level.
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Daring Jump Across Train Rails

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Car Cannot Stop in Time

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Description:  Quite different when you see an accident taking place right in front of you. Hope this guy learns his lesson about speeding.
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Funny Videos - Spider Eats Frog
Spider Eats Frog

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Description:  I would not want to be the frog.
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Funny Videos - Some Extreme Car Jumps
Some Extreme Car Jumps

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Funny Videos - Bus Crash into Low Bridge
Bus Crash into Low Bridge

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Description:  You have seen it many times in the movies, but this is how it really looks in real life!
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